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NEWS: Active-X.COM Takes over the TierBus™ Products

ALL NEW version 4.0 Coming Soon!
Active-X.COM has taken over development of the TierBus product line and will soon be releasing the next major release of these new products:

  • TierBus™ ActiveX Component Suite
  • TierBus™ Application Starter Kit
  • TierBus™ PayNow ActiveX Control

Existing TierBus Customers
Please note that in order to provide you with technical support or upgrade information, you will need to register with us. For more information on obtaining upgrades or support, please visit our support page.

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TierBus PayNow ActiveX Control

  Payment Control OCX!

Put this ActiveX Control in your application to allow your customers to submit payment to you via any of the following payment gateways*:

Our new free download demo will install all of the necessary components to test our Payment Controls in OCX form.

* Each gateway is proprietary in how payments are submitted. You must have an existing account with each gateway you wish to submit payments to.

Email Updates:

November 1, 2002:
Active-X.COM is now the proud owner of the TierBus™ product line.

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TierBus™ Application Starter Kit

 COMING SOON: The TierBus Application Starter Kit is the perfect way to quickly and easily develop new applications.

TierBus™ Component Suite

 COMING SOON: The New TierBus Component Suite v4.0 offers 11 customizable ActiveX components, featuring a flat-style look-and-feel. Each component has been updated with new features and styles to make your applications shine!

Add a payment processing control to your application to get your customers to purchase from within your pgrogram using common payment gateways, such as PayPal® or ShareIt! services.

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