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DXVU Meter

by xFX JumpStart

ActiveX Control

DXVU Meter is an ActiveX control, which can monitor any audio device configured as a recording source, such a Microphone, CD ROM, etc... and display the monitored audio levels like a standard VU Meter or as an Oscilloscope.

The setup contains three sample applications including a fully featured Frequency Analyzer!

  • Submitted 4/25/2000
MixerPRO ActiveX Product


by xFX JumpStart

ActiveX DLL

MixerPRO is a powerful library that provides access to the lines and controls of installed sound card. Through the use of classes and collections the MixerPRO engine is the easiest and most powerful method for developing applications that need to read and/or change any parameter from any sound card. With MixerPRO you can control volume, mute states, recording sources, obtain information about the sound card's driver name, version, etcetera.

  • Submitted 4/20/2004