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 BetterButton ActiveX Control ActiveX Product

BetterButton ActiveX Control

by Variad Corporation

ActiveX Control

Replace the standard Windows button to add many more effects, such as colors, pictures, drop shadows and different styles.

Create new styles to break away from tradition:
- Visual Studio.NET-style menu buttons
- Win 3.x style
- Active (hover button)
- Flat (non-3D)

Create picture styles, too:
- Monochrome
- Popup
- Drop Shadow
- Static

Set the alignment, wrap text and remove the border and focus, too!

  • Submitted 12/19/2000
 BetterSysTray ActiveX Control ActiveX Product

BetterSysTray ActiveX Control

by Variad Corporation

ActiveX Control

Place your application in the system tray! No code necessary to implement.

The BetterSysTray has these features:

- Place multiple icons and have independent control over them
- Add a ToolTip
- Change the icon programmatically at run-time
- Animate the icon
- Respond to mouse events, such as:

:: MouseOver
:: MouseOut
:: MouseMove
:: MouseUp
:: MouseDown
:: Click
:: DblClick

Download includes a VB stopwatch sample project.

  • Submitted 9/19/2001
 GradientBox ActiveX Control ActiveX Product

GradientBox ActiveX Control

by Variad Corporation

ActiveX Control

Now you can add the exciting look of Windows XP to your applications. This container control will paint a gradient background in the colors of your choice. Add a caption, caption picture, background picture, and even set the opacity of the background picture to give it a subtle effect.

This control works well with our OSButton ActiveX Control to create appealing XP-style user interfaces on any Windows operating system.

  • Submitted 2/7/2003
 OSButton ActiveX Control ActiveX Product

OSButton ActiveX Control

by Variad Corporation

ActiveX Control

The OSButton is our answer to your GUI needs. You can create Windows XP, Windows 95/98, Windows 3.0/3.1/3.11, and Mac 8.x style buttons on any Windows operating system.

Add a picture, set the alignment, create different picture effects (such as a drop shadow) and prevent the button from stealing focus (good for toolbars).

Combined with our GradientBox ActiveX control, you can create stunning user interfaces that look and feel just like Windows XP!

  • Submitted 2/7/2003