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Automated-SQL-Builder v3.0

by SBS Development

ActiveX Control Active Server Page Object

Give your Client-Server and Web Application users the ability to create and execute their own queries. The Automated-SQL-Builder is an ActiveX Control that can be used to provide any application with user Querying capabilities, providing a powerful addition to your overall reporting solutions.

The Control contains a Tool that allows users at all technical levels to seamlessly create and execute ‘SELECT’ SQL queries in a very intuitive and natural way.

No prior SQL knowledge is required, as

  • Submitted 7/24/2003
This ActiveX product has no screen shot


by SBS Development

ActiveX DLL

Have you ever wanted to execute SQL queries on ADO Recordsets as though they existed as Tables in a Database, perform SQL Joins between Recordsets or Group and Aggregate fields in a Recordset? Now you can.

With the QueryARecordset dll component you can perform full SQL queries on any ADO Recordsets and return the results to your application. No more complex filter and find routines or writing data to temporary tables. No more expensive round trips to the Server to obtain a subset of data tha

  • Submitted 12/16/2003