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Asynchronous Download

by Redei Enterprises

ActiveX DLL

Download HTTP is a development tool for Windows programmers. It provides a Windows DLL, named as ReDnLoad.dll with a few functions callable from just about any Windows programming language. These functions provide
• Information about files at a remote website
• Multi-threaded downloading of as many files as needed and allowed by the available memory
• Retrieving the content of files without writing them to disk, text and binary files are all supported and also includes the source code.

  • Submitted 7/5/2004
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by Redei Enterprises

ActiveX Control ActiveX EXE Visual Basic Add-In ActiveX Component Sute

Utility and ActiveX components to bypass Windows printer drivers. The ActiveX allows sending ESCAPE sequences to any printer from Windows. Use it with VB, VBA, FoxPro, VdBase, C++, Delphi, etc.
New, only for registered users:
PrintDirect OCX for web applications. It installs 'on demand' at the client side.

  • Submitted 6/19/1998
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RemailX ActiveX DLL

by Redei Enterprises

ActiveX DLL ActiveX Component Sute

With just one line of code REMailX can send email to a mass number of recipients with unlimited number of attachments, connecting and disconnecting to/from the Internet with dialup networking when needed. With three lines of code it can bind to an FTP server and download or upload whole directory structures accepting wild cards filtering and newer files only option. The package also includes a VB 6.0 sample application demonstarting how to create speaking email. Supports secured ESMTP servers

  • Submitted 10/8/2001