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.NET Barcode Recognition Decoder SD ActiveX Product

.NET Barcode Recognition Decoder SD

by, Inc.

The Dotnet Barcode Recognition Decoder SDK reads barcodes in C#, VB.NET and Visual Studio. Reads multiple barcode types from a single DLL that is 100% managed code, strong named and digitally signed. Supported barcode types include Code-39, Code-128, GS1-128, Code-93, Code-11, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, MSI, UPC-A and EAN-13. The demo download includes a source code example for Visual Basic .NET.

  • Submitted 2/2/2009
.NET Chart Designer ActiveX Product

.NET Chart Designer

by Alliance Software Enginee

.NET Chart Designer is comprehensive charting application that supports more then 40 chart types in multiple modes, meaning that literally hundreds of different styles and types are available for users.The legend can be flexible integrated to the chart area. The multi-line headers and rotated labels are supported. The chart layout (titles, fonts, colors, labels’ escapement etc) can be stored in the file and reused with different data.

  • Submitted 1/29/2007
1st JavaScript Editor Pro 3.85 ActiveX Product

1st JavaScript Editor Pro 3.85

by Yaldex Software

ActiveX Control

1st JavaScript Editor is advanced JavaScript Editor, Validator and Debugger for beginners and professionals! AJAX developers can easily use program as advanced Ajax Editor. Beside rich possibilities of editing scripts (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, VBScript, PHP and ASP syntax highlighting) and IntelliSense, DHTML Editor offers built-in JavaScript Debugger which allows you run and debug JavaScript code one line at a time.

  • Submitted 8/11/2009
Active Query Builder Free Edition ActiveX Product

Active Query Builder Free Edition

by Active Database Software

ActiveX Control

Active Query Builder is a .Net-ready ActiveX visual query builder component which gives your end-users the ability to create complex SQL queries containing unions and sub-queries via an intuitive visual interface. It has complete support of many SQL dialects and can be integrated with your application by setting a few properties or adding a few lines of code.

  • Submitted 12/15/2005
ActiveBlue 2 - ActiveX ActiveX Product

ActiveBlue 2 - ActiveX

by HPH-Software GmbH

ActiveX Control

The ActiveBlue 2 - ActiveX allows you to transfer files from your applications to a Bluetooth device easily and effortlessly. Also it enables your applications to receive files from Bluetooth devices. The ActiveBlue 2 - ActiveX can be used with all development platforms which support ActiveX controls (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 etc.).

  • Submitted 12/16/2006
This ActiveX product has no screen shot

ActiveRed 2 - ActiveX

by HPH-Software GmbH

ActiveX Control

ActiveRed allows you to transfer files with your applications to IrDA devices easily and effortlessly. Also it enables your applications to receive files from IrDA devices. The ActiveRed 2 - ActiveX can be used with all development platforms which support ActiveX controls (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 etc.).

  • Submitted 12/16/2006
ActiveX PDF Viewer OCX ActiveX Product

ActiveX PDF Viewer OCX

by SkySof Software

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

ActiveX PDF Viewer OCX is an ActiveX component which enables your application to display and interact with PDF files. Simply place the control on your form, set the Path property, and you are all set! ActiveX PDF Viewer OCX does not require any PDF reading software such as Adobe Reader and is .NET compatible! Includes many functions for printing, saving copies of PDF files, page navigation, etc.

  • Submitted 11/14/2010
AiS EXIF Info ActiveX ActiveX Product

AiS EXIF Info ActiveX

by AtomInterSoft

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

This component helps you to manipulate EXIF, IPTC and GPS information in JPEG and TIFF images plus known RAW formats (Canon CRW, Adobe DNG, Canon CR2, Fujifilm RAF, Minolta MRW, Nikon NEF, Pentax PEF, Sony ARW and Sony SR2). You can Change/Read/Write ALL EXIF or IPTC fields in JPEG images. There are examples in VB, .Net, script languages ASP, ASPX, PHP, Python. Free evaluation version available.

  • Submitted 5/27/2008
ASP Did You Mean ActiveX Product

ASP Did You Mean


ActiveX Control

ASP Did You Mean - search string spellchecking. International spell check for your search box. The component closely resembles the "Did You Mean...?" feature seen on Google and Yahoo! ASP Did You Mean is used on major public search engine as well as small web sites & intranets. It supports over 10 Languages. You may also build custom dictionaries & link to a database. This Active-X Component for ASP & PHP.

  • Submitted 9/17/2006
This ActiveX product has no screen shot

Balloon OCX

by SkySof Software

ActiveX Control

Balloon OCX is a powerful ActiveX Control that allows you to create cool customized tooltips for your controls! Some advantages that Balloon OCX has over conventional tooltips: multi-line text; change look (fonts,size,color,etc.); and add tooltips to controls without a Tooltip Property (such as Visual Basic Scroll Controls).

  • Submitted 12/3/2003
BarcodeX ActiveX Product


by Fath Software

ActiveX Control

BarcodeX is an ActiveX control for generating almost any type of barcode. It can be bound to a data source for use in database reports. Barcodes can be exported into bitmaps, metafiles, clipboard...

  • Submitted 2/27/2009
BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK ActiveX Product

BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK

by BigSpeedSoft

BigSpeed Voice SDK is a set of two COM components (Client and Server) that lets you set up a virtual private voice chat network for secure messaging. The security is provided in two different modes: symmetric encryption with shared secret key and asymmetric encryption with 1024-bit public/private keys.

  • Submitted 1/22/2007
BoxedApp Packer ActiveX Product

BoxedApp Packer

by Softanics

ActiveX Component Sute

Developer utility for creating full-fledged applications that don't require the installation and can be packed in a single self-sustaining executable. Your applications may utilize third-party libraries and components and get the most of your PC, and yet not affect the computer's physical registry or hard drive, as they would be extracted directly into memory, virtual space and registry. Functionality can be further expanded by utilizing plugins.

  • Submitted 10/19/2009
BoxedApp SDK ActiveX Product

BoxedApp SDK

by Softanics

ActiveX DLL

A developer library for application virtualization providing a rich API. BoxedApp SDK creates a virtual file system and registry. Add virtual files and your application will "think" that such files really exist. No temporary files are created! You create a virtual DLL file and then load it. Embed any files, DLLs, ActiveX and OCX into your application. Hide application's files from user, create applications that run without installation.

  • Submitted 7/3/2009
Brilliant Database SDK ActiveX Product

Brilliant Database SDK

by BinaryBrilliant

Brilliant DB SDK is an easy-to-use tool for creating end-user executable database applications. Design all aspects of your database (Forms, Reports, HTML/Text Export, Queries, Formulas, Scripts and Toolbar) quickly and easily using several powerful editors. Created databases have tree-like/relational structure, allow you to store all kinds of attached files, to use relational structure, to work with data using forms, tables or lists...

  • Submitted 4/27/2007
Catalyst File Transfer Control ActiveX Product

Catalyst File Transfer Control

by Catalyst Development Corp

ActiveX DLL

The Catalyst File Transfer ActiveX control enables developers to easily integrate file transfer functionality within their applications. The control implements the standard protocols for sending and receiving files over the Internet and corporate intranets, and can be used in a wide variety of programming languages which can use ActiveX components. A simpler, unified interface means fewer lines of source code and less complexity

  • Submitted 6/5/2009
Catchysoft Report Generator Pro ActiveX Product

Catchysoft Report Generator Pro


Catchysoft Report Generator Pro is a report generating library that uses ActiveX (also known as COM) technology. Unique to it is an opportunity to integrate it into any project in a short time and with minimal efforts. Added to this is an ability to quickly create a report structure using auto-layout report design creation. The reporting capabilities of the library will help developers analyze quantitative data and optimize software design time.

  • Submitted 6/9/2006
Chart component .Net ActiveX Product

Chart component .Net

by Alliance Software Enginee

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL Visual Basic Add-In

Chart Component .NET is a powerful charting component used to create attractive 3D and 2D charts for desktop applications and web pages using .NET technologies. 3D charting uses the OpenGL graphics engine to create sophisticated 3D charts and graphs. Chart includes a .NET chart control that could be used with any .NET desktop or web application, chart configuration control and chart toolbar, that can be used with any .NET desktop applications.

  • Submitted 6/7/2006
ComponentHelp Workshop ActiveX Product

ComponentHelp Workshop


ComponentHelp Workshop provides an easy-to-use system for creating and managing help projects and related files. .NET developers can use it to build, update and maintain documentation for .NET components/assemblies and WinForms applications with minimal effort.

  • Submitted 4/16/2006
DataGridView Columns .NET 2.0 assem ActiveX Product

DataGridView Columns .NET 2.0 assem

by Smrtx

Visual Basic Add-In

DataGridView Columns .NET 2.0 assembly from RustemSoft is a DataGridView Columns software package specifically designed for Windows Forms .NET 2.0 developers. The assembly allows you to use all strengths of the MS Windows .NET 2.x forms DataGridView control without waiving the user interface elements your customers need.

  • Submitted 1/1/2007

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