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Miraplacid Text Driver

by Miraplacid

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Miraplacid Text Driver (Text Printer Driver) extracts text from documents and saves it to file. Text Output can be formatted as plain text or text with layout, previewed and saved in Unicode or specified code page. When auto-save mode is on, the software saves extracted text to file with no user interaction. Software can insert current date, time, print job and page number into output file path and name. Text extraction can be managed via COM interface.

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Additional Information

Publisher Miraplacid
Version 3.1
List Price $39.95 (U.S.)
Category Utilities
License Shareware
Submitted 7/27/2004
Usage ActiveX EXE ActiveX EXE
Special Requirements Pentium-II-266, 64 Mb RAM, 100 Mb HDD