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FlowChart.NET ActiveX Product


by MindFusion Group

FlowChart.NET adds to applications the ability to create and present workflow, flowchart and process diagrams, database entity-relationship diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and relationship charts, network schemes, graphs and trees. Its basic types of items - boxes, tables, and arrows - can be grouped and attached one to another and combined in complex structures. The control provides many predefined box shapes and allows custom-designed ones.

  • Submitted 2/17/2006
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FlowChartX Control

by MindFusion Group

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

FlowChartX is an ActiveX control providing applications with the ability to create and present various kinds of diagrams. A few to mention are workflow, flowchart, process, database entity relationship diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and network charts, graphs and trees. Diagram elements, such as boxes and tables, can be attached one to another to form complex structures. There are 75 stock shapes available and custom ones can be defined too.

  • Submitted 10/31/2002
Planner.NET ActiveX Product


by MindFusion Group

Planner.NET is a calendar and scheduling component for the .NET framework. The control supports yearly, monthly, weekly and daily schedule views. Each view provides a distinct layout of the time cells and can display events such as appointments and meetings. The timetable view displays a day's schedule where the columns represent dates, locations, tasks or contacts, and the rows represent hours or minute intervals. The control is royalty free.

  • Submitted 2/17/2006