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KDImage Editor

by Kaed System

ActiveX Control

KDImage Editor is an image editing tool that provides advanced image edition features for TIFF, JPEG and BMP files, such as:

-Zoom, print, undo/redo up to the last 20 steps, insert picture, rotate, etc.
-Allow the end user of your program to perform several actions with the mouse, such as draw, select a region, insert a text, etc.
-Provides you with several auxiliary functions to create an image document from scratch.
-Support for scanners and other image capture devices.

  • Submitted 11/4/2002
This ActiveX product has no screen shot

KDTele Tools

by Kaed System

ActiveX Control

KDTele is a collection of controls that provide to your application advanced telephony features, such as:

-Make and answer phone calls
-Detect tone and pulse digit from the phone line
-Capture Caller ID
-Play and record on the phone line or sound card
-Silence detection when recording
-Send and receive faxes
-Wave sound editor
-Full control over the serial port device
-ZModem file transfer utility
-File compression and encryption utility
-Voice recognition and voice synth

  • Submitted 2/4/2001