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by JistaBout Software

ActiveX Control

With JistaBout Software's IHImageX ActiveX control, you can easily add image-viewing to your applications. This versatile control can meet almost any image-viewing need.

Major features are:
- Automatically scales an image to fit within the control, maintaining aspect ratio. A Stretch mode is also available.
- Advanced Image Anti-Aliasing is available.
- Supports Clipboard Copy/Paste operations.
- Supports image downloading from a URL.
- Many other features.

  • Submitted 3/31/2000
This ActiveX product has no screen shot


by JistaBout Software

ActiveX Control

This ActiveX control is an advanced replacement for the standard Picture control. It has Many features including Automatic scrollbars, URL downloading, Zooming, Thumbnail generation, Clipboard Copy & Paste, Custom borders, and lots more. Images can also be imported via a Picture(Type:IPictureDisp)property, allowing support for many image formats by using external Image decoders. Includes a complete VB6 demo program, and a complete help file.

  • Submitted 5/30/2002