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Mobile Admin

by Idokorro Mobile, Inc.

Mobile Admin 3.2, an advanced version of Mobile Admin has new features which include greatly enhanced Oracle administration, all-new Citrix administration, customizable security, RSA administration enhancements, and other feature additions for Active Directory, SQL Server, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Novell, Windows Administration, Integrated Lights Out (iLo) Administration and Backup Exec Administration.

  • Submitted 2/27/2006
Mobile Desktop ActiveX Product

Mobile Desktop

by Idokorro Mobile, Inc.

Idokorro Mobile Desktop is a client for Virtual Network Computing (VNC), Windows Terminal Services and Remote Desktop for BlackBerry wireless handheld devices. With Mobile Desktop you can create connections to almost any computer, then view the screen and even control the keyboard or mouse of the remote computer. Mobile Desktop allows you to use your BlackBerry device to view, access, and control the desktop of any computer.

  • Submitted 9/2/2006
Mobile File Manager ActiveX Product

Mobile File Manager

by Idokorro Mobile, Inc.

Mobile FTP lets you use your BlackBerry device to securely access and manage files and folders on your remote file servers. Mobile File Manager supports WebDAV, FTP and SFTP connections from your BlackBerry so that you can manage files and folders on your remote computers and network shares.

  • Submitted 3/20/2006
Mobile SSH ActiveX Product

Mobile SSH

by Idokorro Mobile, Inc.

Mobile SSH gives you Telnet and SSH1/SSH2 terminal access to a wide range of network devices and applications from your wireless handheld. It supports VT100, IBM 5250, and IBM 3270 terminal emulation. With Mobile SSH, you can access network devices and important applications 24/7 from almost anywhere – dramatically decreasing costly network downtime, and accelerating response intervals.

  • Submitted 6/7/2006