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SkinCrafter ActiveX Product


by DMSoft Technologies

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

SkinCrafter - a craft of user interface skins is what this development tool is about. Try it today and see how effectively skins might be applied to your projects with just few lines of code. No dialogs and controls should be changed, SkinCrafter hooks them automatically and convert the visual side into nice style defined by skin. A great amount of free skins is available. All of them are free including SkinBuilder. So, hold your UI under control

  • Submitted 7/28/2003
SkinCrafter.NET ActiveX Product


by DMSoft Technologies

ActiveX Control

Any C#, Managed C++ or VB.Net project might have enhanced user interface with SkinCrafter.Net. Enable your end-users to select the theme for your application simply with just few more lines of code. SkinCrafter skins engine supports most of standard windows and .net controls and offer many ready skins for free. Which guarantees your customers to find the style of their taste. Improve UI today and attract more users to your software.

  • Submitted 8/27/2009