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Apoc PDF Toolkit

by Chive Software

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Apoc PDF Toolkit is a high quality software component that developers can add to their applications in order to manipulate existing PDF documents and create new PDF documents. Developed using Microsoft's .NET environment, this 100% managed code toolkit is compatible with any .NET application. This latest version adds the ability for PDF documents to be linearised (web optimised) for efficient viewing over the internet.

  • Submitted 3/15/2004
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by Chive Software

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Apoc XSL-FO is the first commercially available XSL-FO document renderer for the Microsoft .NET platform. Apoc XSL-FO is a .NET component, written in 100% managed code, that renders XSL-FO XML documents directly to PDF. Based on the excellent Apache FOP project, Apoc will add standards-based PDF production to any .NET project.

  • Submitted 6/24/2003