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SpellEditor ActiveX Product


by Chado, Inc.

ActiveX Control

SpellEditor is a Rich Text word processing control that includes MS Word compatibility, mail merge, HTML import and export, AutoType, configurable toolbars, find-replace, Print Preview, printing, and built-in spell checking using a dictionary of over 134,000 English words. Works in VB, VFP, Access, VC++, VB.NET and Web pages.

  • Submitted 4/16/2001
SpellServer ActiveX Product


by Chado, Inc.

ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

A spell-checking Active Server component - using an English dictionary of over 135,000 words. Includes custom dictionaries, suggestions, etc.

  • Submitted 10/22/1999
SpellText ActiveX Product


by Chado, Inc.

ActiveX Control

A text box with built-in spell checking, using a 135,000 word English dictionary. You can have the control handle everything, or you can do it through easy-to-use events. Includes CAB file for easy use on a web page.

  • Submitted 8/26/1998