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AN IE Plugin - Cell Web Control

by Cell Software Inc.

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Cell Web Control is a kind of form component used in browser environment. It offers the operation interface and almost all the functions similar to Cell in browsers. It is very different if you use Cell Web Control when you want to display forms in the brower. You can save files as Cell and Excel format so as to do more process. The function of Cell Web Control is similar to Cell Control, but it is used in Web circumstance. It offers the following solutions: 1.The web based report form designing

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Additional Information

Publisher Cell Software Inc.
Version 5.0
List Price $599 (U.S.)
Category WWW / Internet / TCPIP
License Shareware
Submitted 11/29/2001
Usage ActiveX Control ActiveX Control
ActiveX EXE ActiveX EXE
ActiveX DLL ActiveX DLL
Active Server Page Object ActiveX ASP
Visual Basic Add-In VB Add-In
ActiveX Component Sute Component Suite
Special Requirements IE5.0 need installed first.