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Browse For Folder Dialog

by BJB, Inc.

ActiveX Control

Add the Common Browse For Folder Dialog to your program with one line of code! This is the easiest possible way to show this dialog!

- Choose any folder as the root, including special folders (Desktop,Printers,etc.)

- Can be used as a Choose Printer Dialog

- Can be configured to return the full path, or just the name.

- Not only can you browse folders, but also files, printers, and more!

  • Submitted 5/6/2004
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FileDownload ActiveX Control

by BJB, Inc.

ActiveX Control

Download any file from any web server! There are endless possibilities with this control! You can allow the end-user to download updates directly through your program, without ever having to visit your web site!
- Gives progress so you can add graphical progress bars.

- Gives total bytes and current bytes downloaded in integer format as well as in formatted string format. String format includes the Kb, Mb, and Gb size format, so you never have to worry about converting bytes to kilobytes

  • Submitted 5/11/2004
SysTray Icon ActiveX Product

SysTray Icon

by BJB, Inc.

ActiveX Control

Add multiple icons and balloon tips to the system tray with ease! Recognize events such as:

- Balloon Tip Click

- Balloon Tip Close/Timeout

- Left Mouse Down

- Left Mouse Up

- Left Mouse Double Click

- Right Mouse Down

- Right Mouse Up

- Right Mouse Double Click

- Mouse Move

Change the icon and tool-tips on the fly! All of the events (except the balloon tip events) also return the X and Y coordinates of the cursor's current position!

  • Submitted 5/5/2004