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.NET Chart Designer ActiveX Product

.NET Chart Designer

by Alliance Software Enginee

.NET Chart Designer is comprehensive charting application that supports more then 40 chart types in multiple modes, meaning that literally hundreds of different styles and types are available for users.The legend can be flexible integrated to the chart area. The multi-line headers and rotated labels are supported. The chart layout (titles, fonts, colors, labels’ escapement etc) can be stored in the file and reused with different data.

  • Submitted 1/29/2007
Chart component .Net ActiveX Product

Chart component .Net

by Alliance Software Enginee

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL Visual Basic Add-In

Chart Component .NET is a powerful charting component used to create attractive 3D and 2D charts for desktop applications and web pages using .NET technologies. 3D charting uses the OpenGL graphics engine to create sophisticated 3D charts and graphs. Chart includes a .NET chart control that could be used with any .NET desktop or web application, chart configuration control and chart toolbar, that can be used with any .NET desktop applications.

  • Submitted 6/7/2006
Licensing .Net Pro ActiveX Product

Licensing .Net Pro

by Alliance Software Enginee

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

100% .NET solution for licensing controls and applications written with any language designed for the .NET Framework (C#, VB.NET etc.). Currently available for .NET Framework 1.1 & 2.0. It uses 2 different licensing schemas: Licensing by issue license file, and Licensing by secure encrypted license keys. Main features: Strong encryption, Flexible license content, Encrypt code and data, Time/Usage Limited Evaluation, Source Code Integration.

  • Submitted 6/7/2006