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ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

With ActiveFile's advanced features, such as support for ASP. NET ( Sample Application provided ) , file Upload, restart of interrupted downloads, download failure detection, and industry standard data compression, it's no wonder that companies like Associated Press , Xerox, Disney, and Pepsi chose Infomentum tools to aid their development efforts. ActiveFile is the professional’s choice for leading edge upload\download capabilities that can’t be found in any other file component.

  • Submitted 4/27/2006
This ActiveX product has no screen shot

File.Transfer CS

by AhsiaSoft

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL ActiveX Component Sute

File.Transfer provides upload and download capabilities beyond those found in standard Web page development. You can dynamically control file upload locations and create new upload directories on the fly. You can easily setup your Web page file download features without the requirement of static virtual directories or file-associated URLs. This provides increased control over file access and security. File.Transfer even integrates with ADO.NET enabling you to import and export files from binary

  • Submitted 8/7/2006